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Study finds the Simpsons has encouraged gay men to 'come out' with its sympathetic attitude to same sex couples

German academic Erwin In het Panhuis says the popularity of characters such as hapless hero Home Simpson and their approach to homosexuality is dispelling discrimination.
Ted Cruz
Game Of Thrones


“The Secret War Of Lisa Simpson” (originally aired 5/18/1997)

A.V. Club Milwaukee: Season Eight is the last great season of The Simpsons. There'd be great episodes to come, and seasons which managed a consistent level of good to not-embarrassing episodes throughout, but Season Eight feels like an ending point; the high-water mark ...

These 'Simpsons' Episodes All Would Have Worked As A Series Finale

There's a bit of concern within the Simpsons fan community right now thanks to a few (now vanished) tweets from a scene planner who has worked on the production of the show since 2006 and the apparent lack of a deal to produce more than seven ...

Life can be questionable, but the greatness of 'The Simpsons' is not

For 27 seasons, “The Simpsons” has proven itself with sharp, witty cultural commentary and some of the greatest jokes ever written. It's also given us characters like Lisa Simpson, who — despite being a cartoon — has always been an admirable role ...

Artist comments on Walter Scott, other police shootings with reinterpretation

Alexsandro Palombo, an Italian artist known for his satirical images that often highlight social injustices, has turned his attention to the Walter Scott shooting and many other police shootings involving black victims with his latest work. Parodying ...

The Homer Simpson effect: forgetting to remember

The Guardian: Homer Simpson wasn't a neuroscientist, but he evidently had some insight into how the brain works. In one episode of the long-running series, he explains why education is wasted on him: “Every time I learn something new, it pushes some old stuff out of ...

Watch the Simpsons Episodes While Sitting on Their Couch via Oculus Rift

Overmental: Better yet, is it possible to explore Springfield and interact with the Simpson family? That first question hasn't been answered yet, and may never be because the possibilities are endless. The second question, however has been answered thanks to a ...

The Simpsons' top 30 movie references

Den Of Geek: The Simpsons has a long history of peppering its stories with pop culture references, and some of the show's finest gags stem from the world of cinema. These have ranged from the briefest of quotes, to full on shot-for-shot parodies and extended ...

Series 2 'The Simpsons' Lego Minifigures Extend Comic Book Theme

Forbes: A second round of The Simpsons Minifigures are about to hit stores with returning versions of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie and first appearances of Comic Book Guy, Groundskeeper Willie, sisters Paddy and Selma, Smithers and Dr. Hibbert.



Controversial The Simpsons cartoons cause storm after highlighting racism

Metro: An artist has released controversial images depicting The Simpsons as black characters is facing racism from police. It is believed that the cartoons are a satirical response to the current troubles in the USA which has seen several cases of black ...

Watch The Simpsons While Lounging on Homer's Couch With This Oculus Rift

IFC: Dubbed “HomerTheater,” this hack developed by Myles Johnston allows users to watch videos — yes, including episodes of The Simpsons — while lounging on the family's couch alongside Homer. In fact, the rest of the Simpson homestead is explorable as if ...

Family Guy to return to BBC2 starting with Simpsons crossover episode

The Independent: Peter Griffin and co's return to the channel will kick off with The Simpsons crossover episode The Simpsons Guy, which premiered last September and saw Homer and Marge host the family in Springfield. Family Guy first launched on BBC2 in 2005 before ...

'Family Guy' Updates: Series Switching To BBC Two With New Anil Kapoor

The Inquisitr: The one-hour season premiere will be a Family Guy and The Simpsons crossover where Peter and the Griffins come to Springfield and meet Homer Simpson. The reunion of the two most popular families on television is another most-awaited episode after the ...

The Simpsons to no longer see Blu-ray, DVD releases

If you've been a collector of the DVD sets of The Simpsons for the last few years, you're going to have some empty shelf space after the season 17 box. Revealed via a Twitter post from the series' showrunner Al Jean, Fox Home Entertainment has decided to stop releasing individual seasons on DVD and Blu-ray. While Jean and the show's … Continue reading

The Simpsons quit the DVD market

Showrunner Al Jean has announced that The Simpsons will no longer be packaged for DVD.

The Simpsons won't be released on DVD or Blu-ray anymore

Fox is discontinuing home video releases of The Simpsons, said series showrunner Al Jean on Twitter yesterday. Earlier reports weren't clear about the fate of The Simpsons on Blu-ray, since Jean used the term "DVD." But a source at Fox Home Entertainment confirmed to Polygon that the company is ending production of all physical disc releases, both DVD and Blu-ray box sets, for individual seasons ...


Ted Cruz loves The Simpsons

Politico: Ted Cruz is apparently a big fan of “The Simpsons.” In an interview with The Federalist Radio Hour on Thursday, the Texas senator talked Iran, Common Core and other hot-button issues. He also talked about his favorite episodes of the animated series ...

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