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Study finds the Simpsons has encouraged gay men to 'come out' with its sympathetic attitude to same sex couples

German academic Erwin In het Panhuis says the popularity of characters such as hapless hero Home Simpson and their approach to homosexuality is dispelling discrimination.
Is The Simpsons Actually Set in Australia?

- 4 days ago @ How's this for fan theory?

Could The Simpsons live in New Zealand?

- 3 days ago @ Could The Simpsons actually be set in New Zealand?

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The Bold and the Beautiful: Network Ten signs 'lifetime' deal

Network Ten has signed an historic 'lifetime' deal to retain Australian rights to the US daytime soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful.

Theater review: 'Mr. Burns' a sober, funny take on 'The Simpsons”

SFGate: It's a story told around a woodsy but edgily watchful campfire, in director Mark Rucker's American Conservatory Theater West Coast premiere of “Mr. Burns, a Post-Electric Play,” which opened Wednesday. And Anne Washburn's blithely comic and ...

'Minecraft' Xbox One Surprise Update Gives Fans An Early Look At 'The

The Inquisitr: The Inquisitr first reported on the upcoming Simpsons skin pack in January. The DLC will give Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners access to 24 new Minecraft avatar skins inspired by the long-running animated program, including the entire Simpson family of ...

Lady Gaga for American Horror Story

Lady Gaga has revealed the next series of American Horror Story will be called Hotel.

Darien native nabs award for "Simpsons" episode

Darien Times: The Simpsons has put its famous yellow family into just about every genre and gag you can imagine in its record 26-season run as the seminal animated sitcom on television. From musical episodes to 22 one-minute short films to just about every corner of ...

In Apple's latest update, emojis get diverse

NEW YORK (AP) — Lovers of emojis, the cute graphics that punctuate online writing and texts, will soon be able to pick from different skin tones and depictions of families with two moms or two dads on Apple devices.

Is The Simpsons really set in America? This astronomer isn't sure about that

Metro: You know all those decades that you've spent wondering where in the US The Simpsons is set? Well it might have been a big waste of time – since one man is convinced that the animated favourite doesn't take place in America at all. Yes, astronomer Phil ...

The Simpsons: Tapped Out Gets a Heroic Update

JBG News: EA's The Simpsons: Tapped Out game has been updated with a Superhero Event. With the new update the game has been given a comic book feel and look. The Superhero Event synopsis invites Tapped Out gamers to help save the town of Springfield.


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25 Simpsons Quotes To Use In Everyday Life

WhatCulture: The Simpsons is quite probably the most quotable piece of pop culture fiction ever. And, for a lot of us, finding ways to fit hilarious lines from the show into real life situations is a regular and important part of life. There are hundreds of great ...

WATCH: The Simpsons intro recreated in pixel art

Okay, we might think that The Simpsons is getting worse, but that doesn’t mean we don’t still love it. Check out the above video by animators Paul Robertson and Ivan Dixon who have painstakingly recreated the show’s introduction as though it were an 8-bit videogame. Brilliantly just the like real show it is also packed full of background gags and ... Read More


'The Simpsons: Tapped Out' unleashes a superhero update

Comic Book Resources: Springfield is certainly no stranger to costumed characters, but in the new update to EA Mobile's The Simpsons: Tapped Out, the city finds itself overrun by superheroes and supervillains. In the new comics-inspired story arc, Radioactive Man meets his ...

Stan Lee, Matt Groening & Adam West get 'Simpsons' figures

Comic Book Resources: The 92-year-old Lee has appeared as himself on two episodes of The Simpsons, 2002's “I Am Furious (Yellow)” and 2014's “Married to the Blob,” where he officiated Comic Book Guy's wedding. West also has appeared twice, in 1992's “Mr. Plow” and 2002's ...

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